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Imagine you’ve spent the better part of a year planning and designing a renovation for your kitchen or bathroom. You’ve taken all this time to pick all of the right materials, patterns, and structure to create your dream space! But, once it’s all put together… something feels off!
With a fresh new year in front of us, we want to begin looking at exciting or interesting trends that have gained popularity and will continue to become a staple of the present culture/style. One such trend is...READ MORE.
What is modern living about? It can mean many different things, however at the heart of modern living is: freedom, functionality, and fresh style that keeps your home looking sleek and tasteful. But how does this translate practically into everyday life when designing your space? Functionality...READ MORE.
One of the most challenging aspects when designing an interior is creating a sense of cohesion; knowing all the details and how different aspects of your design interact with each other can often be daunting and confusing! But... READ MORE.