Why Matte Black Fixtures Are Going To Be Big in 2022

Why Matte Black Fixtures Are Going To Be Big in 2022

With a fresh new year in front of us, we want to begin looking at exciting or interesting trends that have gained popularity and will continue to become a staple of the present culture/style. One such trend is the use of Matte Black finishes and materials in homes! Beginning in 2019, the use of Matte Blacks in residential spaces was daring: coming off of multiple trends of white/pastel bright spaces to much darker, lowlight spaces was seen as editorial fluff. Now, matte black is a popular choice for residential spaces because neutral interiors have become a craze, the timelessness of matte black design, and durability.

Neutral Interiors are In

In the past year, neutral interior design has exploded onto the scene with growing popularity - with designers crafting beautifully serene, and balanced spaces that evoke a sense of natural neutrality. It’s no surprise then that Black would eventually become a staple of this new trend; from smaller hardware detailings to entire rooms being finished with black color and material, especially Matte Black. 

One of the best ways to explore neutral interior design is by beginning with Matte Black fixtures: smaller details and pieces that help build a cohesive neutral palette that will look stunning. Matte Black fixtures such as faucets and hardware pair exceptionally well with the current neutral interior trend known as Japandi style: the black adding a pop of starkness that helps designs stand out. 


Tendance-japandi.png (1000×692) (bnbstaging.com)

Classic and Timeless

Throughout the years one thing has always been true: designers and audiences will always come back to Black. Design often goes through many different trends, styles, fads, movements, and aesthetics that often are cyclical in nature - the colour black being the heaviest tone in design is one of these styles that always seems to make its way back to the forefront. This is especially true for interior design where the industry goes through periods of high colour/high brightness and low colour/boldness. Matte black finishes themselves carry a modernistic feel that will always stay stylish.


Essentially what this means is that your matte black fixtures will always be in style, timeless, and fresh looking. No matter the trend, they are a great investment design wise.


 White Bathroom featuring a matte black vanity faucet and other matte black fixtures.


One aspect of matte black fixtures that is often overlooked or unknown is that the coating itself typically provides an extra layer of protection from stains and scratches! Higher quality products will usually be coated in a Nano-coat matte black coating. Nano-coating can come in different forms, but is usually liquid based and offers many positives such as being waterproof, blocking oils, and repelling dust/dirt particles. 

 Spacious kitchen featuring white cabinets, a matte black faucet, and a white island with a wooden countertop

Final Thoughts

All in all, matte black fixtures are going to be big in 2022 because of the increased popularity in neutral interiors, timelessness, and durability. So, if it’s stylish and functional matte black faucets you’re looking for then Kato is the perfect place to find that timeless, yet trendy fixture for your space! We recommend the Tori Matte Black and the Sorento Matte Black for their stark style and high quality build.


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