Why You Need a Workcentre as Your Kitchen Sink

Why You Need a Workcentre as Your Kitchen Sink

What is modern living about? It can mean many different things, however at the heart of modern living is: freedom, functionality, and fresh style that keeps your home looking sleek and tasteful. But how does this translate practically into everyday life when designing your space? Functionality is key - a well designed kitchen is the heart of an efficient space and at the heart of a kitchen is the sink.

Here’s 3 reasons why you need a workcentre in your kitchen and why the Kola might be your ultimate solution:

Form & Function - Ease of Use

In the simplest terms, a workcentre or workstation is a sink that is multifunctional. Whether that be through its shape and size, or through the custom accessories it comes with. 

The Kola Workcentre is cleverly designed with a dimension of 32x19x10 inches. The single bowl allows for optimal work space, whether washing dishes or prepping for a meal - you will always have room. It also boasts 18-gauge surgical grade stainless steel that is formidable and can withstand everyday use making this utilitarian hardware perfect for a modern kitchen and everyday life.


With the Kola’s uniquely designed walls, its functionality is greatly heightened! With a unique ledge built into the sink, the Kola becomes compatible with a multitude of kitchenware accessories for increased freedom and efficiency in the kitchen.

With a cutting board, strainer, sink rack, and roll mat included with the Kola and at your disposal - you can wash and cut ingredients, strain your sink, organize and dry/cool off your tools,  and do the dishes all within the sink basin itself. This makes it easier to cook and clean without unnecessary clutter on your countertops and without extra travel around your kitchen. This flexibility makes living your life easier. 

Kola Workcentre by Kato top view with all accessories.


Simply put: the Kola is stylish. With a beautiful satin finish, the sink glistens and gleams in any setting. It’s classy designer form is sleek and understated which allows it to blend well with any environment or design. The Kola is perfect for those seeking a fixture that elevates their kitchen experience while contributing to their modern design.

A sink is never the first thing on someone’s mind when it comes to designing or changing their space/home. Fixtures are often overlooked despite them playing a crucial role in day-to-day life. The Kola is the best of both worlds, style and function. 

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