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About KATO


In 2021 there has been a major shift in the culture, in the way in which many people live their lives. Many people are taking their lives into their hands again - gaining new skills and trying to better their life. Many young people are also entering into a new chapter of their lives: looking to gain more than just the minimum and to build a better life.

An important step in building a new life and starting a new chapter is to find your space and make it your own - whether big or small, our homes are the foundational building blocks of security that allow us to go further.

Kato Living is about just that: living. Modern and new, Kato is about helping you build a lifestyle inspired by the pace of city life.


Kato was created with a new lifestyle in mind: one for those starting a new chapter. Blending pragmatism with sleek style, Kato is the way of a modern life that appreciates culture, design, and urban living.

Designed with efficiency in mind.

The city is busy, young professionals have a lot to deal with at any given moment and your day to day tasks shouldn’t be a hassle for you - especially in the kitchen. This is why Kato’s sinks are designed with pragmatism: creating efficiency and simplifying kitchen tasks through well-structured design and customizability.

Elevate your space/home with sleek, modern style.

Steering away from pure classic elements, Kato is about modernist style; sleek, well structured, and fresh. Our catalogue is built in a forward thinking manner - the future is on our mind and it should be on yours as well as you continue to develop and build a new beginning. 

Even if your space is not cutting edge or new, our catalogue blends well in any interior design style and brings a certain edge that helps you stand out from the people around you as someone who is looking forward.

No matter your needs, Kato will fulfill them.

Whether you're looking for something stylish, or something understated - Kato is the perfect match for anyone looking to transform their living space into something fresh!


One of the greatest aspects about living in urban environments is being able to explore a unique mix of culture and art - finding many unique artists and creatives. Kato offers more than just products; it offers an exploration of a new way of life for those looking for it. Though Kato is focused on interior design, we explore so much more than that! Kato living blends an exploration of art, design, and style that creates a unique and exciting experience.

Art and design play an important role in building a new, better life. This is just the beginning of the Kato lifestyle, here and in your own life.

Photos: Liann Huang (@liann.huang)

One of the most exciting aspects of urban living is the wide variety of artists and creatives that you can find! Which is why Kato has created an Artist Feature; we want to connect with local artists to further deepen the Kato lifestyle and bring their beautiful work to you.

Learn more about KATO's Artist Features.

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